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Queenie, Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917

May 09, 2013

Queenie, Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917 
Authors Pat Richardson and Anne Skinner present Historic Australiana Military Biography in "Queenie, Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917"

A newly released book gives a glimpse into the hospital wards of the First World War and the life and times of a young woman who sailed across the world to help make a difference.(BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA) - "Queenie, Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917" (ISBN #9781742841991) is the fascinating and at times entertaining story, told through her letters home, of a young Army nurse's perceptions of the events, people and places she experienced during the cataclysmic years of the First World War.

Edith Florence Avenell, known to her family and friends as Queenie, was 25 years old when she enlisted in the Australian Army Nursing Service the day after the ANZACS stormed the beaches of Turkey in 1915. The letters she wrote home provide a very personal view of the war and the world of the times through the eyes of a modern, independent young woman.

The collection of letters was discovered at the bottom of her mother's glory box in 1982 by Queenie's niece, Pat Richardson, who diligently transcribed them and sent a copy to a local historian in Queenie's birthplace, the former gold mining town of Gympie in south-east Queensland. In 2008, writer Anne Skinner, then a journalist with local newspaper The Gympie Times, read the letters and set out to tell the story of the woman who sailed across the world to nurse the men broken by war."

The First World War was a pivotal time in the formation of Australia as a nation with its own identity," Ms Skinner says.

"The war broke out a little over a decade after Federation and there is no doubt that service personnel like Queenie and her friends helped cement Australia as a nation, in the perception of its citizens, as well as in the eyes of the world."The book conveys a powerful message about the importance of nurses to the health, welfare and morale of the troops during the First World War. Medical science made great strides between 1914 and 1918, laying the foundation of modern methods of treatment, plastic surgery, amputation and prosthetics. But with the discovery of antibiotics still decades ahead, more men died from septicaemia than bullets and the quality of the nursing was vital.

The Australian Army nurses were among the most advanced and best-trained in the world. They were also counsellors, companions and sometimes even cooks for the men in their care, writing letters home for the incapacitated, comforting the traumatised and holding the dying in their arms. They often worked 12 or more hours a day in conditions of extreme danger close tothe front lines, and suffered illness, injury and breakdown - but through it all they kept working, kept smiling and kept the wartime medical machine functioning.But Queenie was also an attractive, modern young woman who loved pretty clothes, male attention and a good time, and when she left the ward she found plenty to entertain her, first in exotic Cairo and later in London. As well as often heart-rending stories about the injured men in her care, her letters reveal a keen power of observation, an irrepressible sense of humour, down-to-earth practicality and - above all - humanity.Pat Richardson has given many talks and radio broadcasts on her aunt's war service, including a speech to a conference at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, where the letters are on open access. Excerpts from them have been included in the works of other authors and playwrights."

The Queenie book is the culmination of many of my interests, the status of women, being one of the main ones," she says. Ms Richardson, who lives in Nambucca Heads, NSW, has also published three books through her own imprint Gumleaf Press: Belle the Bushie, Belle on a Broomstick and No Medals for Mothers.Anne Skinner is a freelance writer, editor and military history researcher who lives in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

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Letters to my girlfriend about love, weight, and peaceful revolution

April 28, 2013

"Letters to my girlfriend about love, weight, and peaceful revolution"

by ShellaVugomzki

(BRISBANE -AUSTRALIA)"Letters to my girlfriend about love, weight, and peaceful revolution" (ISBN # 9781742841441) is an intimate account of the author's journey to a healthier and fitter body, self-love, high self-esteem and spirituality against the backdrop of different socio-political and cultural environments of the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Australia. Her lifestyle turned out to be a good match to the challenges that she had to face as a mature age immigrant. It became a first venue for a much needed success.

The central theme of the book is escape from the situation in which ‘food, food and more food' rules by the oppression of other vital needs. The image of Alcatraz, which used to be a high security prison, appears as a symbol of mental confinement that food addicts find themselves in.

In her book she writes: "Everybody understands that looking good requires motivation, determination, discipline and persistence. These are the key factors in becoming an achiever in whatever we do. If you do not have money to invest in products promising financial success, such as property, shares, etc., and therefore you are denied a financially comfortable life, invest in yourself. If you are financially comfortable but want things that money cannot buy, invest in yourself. If you want to wake up in the morning having a wonderful feeling of ownership, invest in yourself. If you want to have a sense of some certainty in your life, invest in yourself" (p173-p174).

The author employs a genre of letter-writing to create an atmosphere of confidentiality to convey the messages of hope and reassurance to those who want to break free from a bad habit of using food as a relief from emotional and mental distress.

Addressed to a female friend, the letters contain real experiences of the author, her comments and views on different lifestyles aimed to motivate and inspire a reader to make conscious choices regarding personal wellbeing. Although written for women, this book can also help male readers to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges women face.

Shella Vugomzki is an Australian-educated counselor of Ukrainian background. This is her first book.

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Shella Vugomzki



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The Darby Factor

April 23, 2013

"The Darby Factor" brings Aussie Humour and Life to the world at large in a new book by Author Greg Paten

The Darby Factor is a testament to a group of friends who together shared a journey of events, disasters, and life experiences. The genuinely funny outcomes reveal how the group became masters of besting the bad luck factor to ‘all survive in body, soul, and sanity.'

(BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA) - "The Darby Factor" (ISBN #9781742843766) is a short little book intended to make readers laugh. It could be called a tribute to a group of friends that experienced a whole series of zany adventures. First time author, Greg Paten, determined to share with you the fondness of the group at the time when the main character, Darby, seemed to be dogged by bad luck. The realisation began a movement that elevated Darby to high status that proved that "if Darby didn't have bad luck, he'd have no bloody luck at all."

A lot of the action takes place in and around the small rural towns of Western Australia's wheat belt, and the catalyst for disaster is Darby. You see, not long after the group were thrown together they came to realise that Darby's planning and preparation processes left a lot of room for plenty of things to go pear shaped, usually with no Plan B in sight.

"The Darby Factor" is simply intended to make you laugh, and to make you feel good. It is a first-hand observer's view of the disasters that stalked Darby, and of the reactions of the faithful who continued to follow him for the sheer adventure and hilarity that was their lives during those outlandish days. Each part of the story has something that readers can identify with.

Greg Paten has a message in the humour of "The Darby Factor". It is simply to make the best of any situation you might run into, even through no fault of your own. Greg Paten states, "In daily life there's always more than enough bad news to go around." "The Darby Factor" is relatable to readers; people are able to see themselves in Darby's adventures and disasters as they too struggle to tame Murphy's Law.

The real life characters in "The Darby Factor" create a good smile, a giggle, and a great laugh that is much needed to take things a bit more lightly in the larger scheme of our lives.

Western Australians may well recognise some of the events and places mentioned in this book. The book has a worldwide appeal. Especially for those who enjoy Aussie humour. A real ‘feel good' book, "The Darby Factor" is available through

Greg Paten is currently in the process of penning two more books. He is sixty four and lives in the beautiful Goldsborough Valley, near Cairns, Queensland. Although born in

Queensland, Greg's career led him to Western Australia looking for an adventure. He states, "I found so many I didn't have time to go back." His time in technical marketing in the rural industries was the beginning of ‘The Flying Circus', and in turn the cycle of events that was "The Darby Factor".


Submarine Adventure

April 17, 2013

Exploration Story "Submarine Adventure" Reveals War & Its Consequences to Kids

"Submarine Adventure" by Authors LD Dauphin and Vaya Dauphin delivers a solid message in a fast paced children's adventure story kids really enjoy.

(BRISBANE - AUSTRALIA) "Submarine Adventure" (ISBN # 9781742843476) is the new book by authors LD Dauphin and Vaya Dauphin. The book begins in modern day, and takes young readers on an adventure where the young characters are whisked back to 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. It features the stories of British, French and Australian submarines in the Dardanelles Straits.

The book was inspired by memories of stories told to the Dauphins' by their grandfather and great grandfather who where serving at the time in the British Navy stationed in the Dardanelles. It explores war and its consequences and offers insight into the lives of adolescent men of that era. The book captures the courage, patriotism and comradeship. It shows the different expectations that were placed on young men in those days, and offers a comparison to the modern day.

In the book, characters Tom and Jake are the boys as submariners, under the command of Lieutenant Holbrook, find themselves caught up in the war effort, being bombed by Turkish warships. They are caught in the nets set across the "Narrows" at the entrance to the Straits, and venture ashore to bomb a railroad. Confronted by Turkish soldiers, one of the crew is seriously wounded; Tom is hurt and Jake fights to save him. Together the brothers face the rigours of war, and the Spartan and harsh existence aboard the submarine.

"Submarine Adventure" is published by Book Pal in Australia. Vaya Dauphin, has two self-published books in The Elementals of Aotearoa trilogy, "The Turquoise Tattoo", (received a Kirkus Star reserved for books of exceptional merit) and new release, "The Greenstone Garden". This is the first book written in collaboration with L D Dauphin.

A Kirkus Review for "Submarine Adventure" likens the book to the work of the great American writer Edward Stratemeyer. "In this time-travel adventure novel, twin brothers take a trip into the past and learn profound lessons about loyalty, war and family. It's a "you-are-there" war story that evokes Edward Stratemeyer's 1898 classic "Under Dewey at Manila". The books problem-solving two brothers are reminiscent of, "The Hardy Boys" series and hold a familiar kid-lit premise that readers find fantastic but not unbelievable.

The fast-paced kids' adventure novel with a solid message is available at and both kids and adults may disappear into this book for a time and feel as though they've been on an adventure themselves.

The Twin Connection

April 16, 2013

The book "The Twin Connection" (ISBN # 9781742843728) by Lesley J. Mooney is all about hope and belief.

The setting of the story occurred around 1875 in Italy during that period of history which seemed to dampen the hearts of individuals.

Readers will be drawn into reading this novel about a young Postulant Nun named Josephine. After the evening service her destiny is changed forever, when she's indecently assaulted by a vagrant in the church grounds.

Badly traumatized, she had to leave the convent to live with a local old couple. It was there she gave birth to twin girls with a distinct connection. Unfortunately, Josphine was mentally affected by the assault, and died leaving the grieving children.

A few years later on, the twin sisters had to be separated to lead completely different lives. Alexie was taken to a strict religious couple, while Malia went to circus performers. The twins never saw each other for many years, but the emotional, physical bond was felt in times of happiness and drama. This affected them through unforeseen tragedies until they were unexpectedly re-united.

Though lives continued on, with marriage and children; romantic passages are revealed with tenderness and passion. Their destiny was ultimately changed by a keepsake from the past which brings forth so much more.

The unique connection between the twin sisters will surely delight the readers. Given the main message of the book which is to believe and hope, even though bonds are broken.

Depending on the readers' views, some might find the beginning of the story controversial.

About the author:

Lesley J. Mooney was born and educated at Catholic Boarding Colleges in Perth. She worked as a young child carer, an office clerk; and even as an inexperienced station cook. Now a widow at

the age of 80 years old, she has resided in Mackay since 1954 having a busy and full married life with five caring daughters living nearby.

Lesley J. Mooney wrote up to 500 poems during 2002-2005 with some of them published, and then she continued on writing to complete four novels in various genres, with ideas for more. Her inspiration for this novel of "The Twin Connection" was that deep family love truly lasts through trauma and despair.

Lesley J Mooney

Mackay East; Postal address P.O. Box 1172, Mackay.


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International authors have been published by BookPal since

2006. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia

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Path Light at my Feet

April 10, 2013
"Path Light at my feet" Announced;A Journey Through GriefOffers Inspiration and Warmth(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA) - Author Effie Munday emerges with therelease of Path Light at my feet, a story about the author's grief, and thejourney taken between her and her husband through the Valley of theShadow of Death while malignant cancer invaded his helpless body.Detailing a retirement lifestyle which is reduced to atmospheres ofdoctors' clinic waiting-rooms, biopsy trauma, radiotherapy sessions,palliative care retreats, nursing home beds, and hospital wards, thejourney re-collected is also one of warmth, love and laughter at homeand with church family."Today much is occurring to combat cancer's cruel advance, how muchis offered for the spiritual and soul-nurture of sufferers and theirfamilies? Path Light at my feet is a book that illustrates how hope,peace, consolation and joy can be in the midst of suffering, and pain, asmade possible through out God." says Effie Munday.During the period of cancer, the author and her husband discoveredthat this was a time of special revelation, with God providing atrustworthy light for the next step, making them fully aware of his divinepresence of God as loving heavenly Father and grateful recipients ofsupport of the caring people he brought.It is her hope that readers will recognize that God is alive,unchangeable, and very real in His relationships with His children; thatHe who promises is faithful always to all He promised. "This light at ourfeet brightens our way as we respond to His love expressed in HisPress Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESon's death in our place on the cross 2000 years ago," says EffieMunday.Effie Munday was six when her family moved from Brisbane toHarrisville, in Queensland's beautiful Gt. South East. Her fathersupplemented farm income as a house builder. At age twelve, shewrote her first poem and has enjoyed writing ever since. Through life,she has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and obsession withbooks that propelled her to become a writer. She has published severalstories, children's stories, poems, features and biographical pieces overthe years.Previous titles by Effie Munday include: Path Light at My Feet; Called toFreedom, My Irish Ancestors, Love Letters with Recollections &Collections currently going to print.For more information, please visit Contact:Effie MundayE-mail: 

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The Last Word

April 10, 2013
"The Last Word" portrays the enduring power of wordsMichael Green's novel "The Last Word" begins with the activities and relationships of a family living in a rural mining village and follows them into political intrigue in the city.The setting of the book is the mining community of Abbervale, home of the McCann family. Gordon McCann is the local leader of the Miners' Federation and heads a coal mining team that includes his eldest son, Bruce, a tough and ambitious character. Gordon's wife, Grace, is a wise and strong-minded mother. The younger son, William, initially a trainee accountant, remains an idealistic and decent character throughout the story. A daughter, Millie, is sickly and homebound. Abbervale suffers the six weeks national mining strike of 1949, the one historical incident in the book. A series of dramatic and tragic events changes the life of the family."The Last Word" (ISBN # 9781742843759) by Michael Green traces the two sons' paths into politics and their confrontation with organised crime and corruption. It focuses on the struggle between the two men and on the bonds between parents and siblings, especially the love between a mother, a son and his wife. The story highlights the failure of idealism, the futility of words and argument to reform a corrupt and cussed establishment. But it also points to the success of courageous and persevering action. As William says, "People are not fools. They know the difference between good and evil. They recognize who is working for them and who is working against them.""The Last Word" is a great story that will carry readers through hardships and triumphs faced by ordinary people.About the author:Michael Green took his inspiration for the book from his experience of speeches by preachers and politicians in their attempts to impress and persuade their listeners. Michael Green is a retired criminal lawyer, residing in Sydney with his wife and family. He has written two self-help books, "Fathers after Divorce" and "Shared Parenting". "The Last Word" is his first work of fiction.For more information, please visit is Australia's leading self-publisher and bookdistributor. Over 1,000 titles written by both Australian andinternational authors have been published by BookPal since2006. The company's headquarters are in Brisbane, Australiaand will expand to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, NZ andCanada over the next 6 months.###Author: Michael GreenMobile: 0419 407 289 
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