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Submarine Adventure

April 17, 2013

Exploration Story "Submarine Adventure" Reveals War & Its Consequences to Kids

"Submarine Adventure" by Authors LD Dauphin and Vaya Dauphin delivers a solid message in a fast paced children's adventure story kids really enjoy.

(BRISBANE - AUSTRALIA) "Submarine Adventure" (ISBN # 9781742843476) is the new book by authors LD Dauphin and Vaya Dauphin. The book begins in modern day, and takes young readers on an adventure where the young characters are whisked back to 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. It features the stories of British, French and Australian submarines in the Dardanelles Straits.

The book was inspired by memories of stories told to the Dauphins' by their grandfather and great grandfather who where serving at the time in the British Navy stationed in the Dardanelles. It explores war and its consequences and offers insight into the lives of adolescent men of that era. The book captures the courage, patriotism and comradeship. It shows the different expectations that were placed on young men in those days, and offers a comparison to the modern day.

In the book, characters Tom and Jake are the boys as submariners, under the command of Lieutenant Holbrook, find themselves caught up in the war effort, being bombed by Turkish warships. They are caught in the nets set across the "Narrows" at the entrance to the Straits, and venture ashore to bomb a railroad. Confronted by Turkish soldiers, one of the crew is seriously wounded; Tom is hurt and Jake fights to save him. Together the brothers face the rigours of war, and the Spartan and harsh existence aboard the submarine.

"Submarine Adventure" is published by Book Pal in Australia. Vaya Dauphin, has two self-published books in The Elementals of Aotearoa trilogy, "The Turquoise Tattoo", (received a Kirkus Star reserved for books of exceptional merit) and new release, "The Greenstone Garden". This is the first book written in collaboration with L D Dauphin.

A Kirkus Review for "Submarine Adventure" likens the book to the work of the great American writer Edward Stratemeyer. "In this time-travel adventure novel, twin brothers take a trip into the past and learn profound lessons about loyalty, war and family. It's a "you-are-there" war story that evokes Edward Stratemeyer's 1898 classic "Under Dewey at Manila". The books problem-solving two brothers are reminiscent of, "The Hardy Boys" series and hold a familiar kid-lit premise that readers find fantastic but not unbelievable.

The fast-paced kids' adventure novel with a solid message is available at and both kids and adults may disappear into this book for a time and feel as though they've been on an adventure themselves.

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rose betita
April 24, 2013

Kids nowadays are lucky enough because they are not experiencing a traumatic war that can affect their psychological development as well as their futures. They should also be taught about the history of war so they will realize how lucky they are for the peace in their land compared to their grandparents who experienced famine and fear during the war. Upon realizing that they are in more ideal situation, they will learn how to value it so they can become better individuals in the future.

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