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The Darby Factor

April 23, 2013

"The Darby Factor" brings Aussie Humour and Life to the world at large in a new book by Author Greg Paten

The Darby Factor is a testament to a group of friends who together shared a journey of events, disasters, and life experiences. The genuinely funny outcomes reveal how the group became masters of besting the bad luck factor to ‘all survive in body, soul, and sanity.'

(BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA) - "The Darby Factor" (ISBN #9781742843766) is a short little book intended to make readers laugh. It could be called a tribute to a group of friends that experienced a whole series of zany adventures. First time author, Greg Paten, determined to share with you the fondness of the group at the time when the main character, Darby, seemed to be dogged by bad luck. The realisation began a movement that elevated Darby to high status that proved that "if Darby didn't have bad luck, he'd have no bloody luck at all."

A lot of the action takes place in and around the small rural towns of Western Australia's wheat belt, and the catalyst for disaster is Darby. You see, not long after the group were thrown together they came to realise that Darby's planning and preparation processes left a lot of room for plenty of things to go pear shaped, usually with no Plan B in sight.

"The Darby Factor" is simply intended to make you laugh, and to make you feel good. It is a first-hand observer's view of the disasters that stalked Darby, and of the reactions of the faithful who continued to follow him for the sheer adventure and hilarity that was their lives during those outlandish days. Each part of the story has something that readers can identify with.

Greg Paten has a message in the humour of "The Darby Factor". It is simply to make the best of any situation you might run into, even through no fault of your own. Greg Paten states, "In daily life there's always more than enough bad news to go around." "The Darby Factor" is relatable to readers; people are able to see themselves in Darby's adventures and disasters as they too struggle to tame Murphy's Law.

The real life characters in "The Darby Factor" create a good smile, a giggle, and a great laugh that is much needed to take things a bit more lightly in the larger scheme of our lives.

Western Australians may well recognise some of the events and places mentioned in this book. The book has a worldwide appeal. Especially for those who enjoy Aussie humour. A real ‘feel good' book, "The Darby Factor" is available through

Greg Paten is currently in the process of penning two more books. He is sixty four and lives in the beautiful Goldsborough Valley, near Cairns, Queensland. Although born in

Queensland, Greg's career led him to Western Australia looking for an adventure. He states, "I found so many I didn't have time to go back." His time in technical marketing in the rural industries was the beginning of ‘The Flying Circus', and in turn the cycle of events that was "The Darby Factor".


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April 28, 2013

I love books that can make me laugh and I want to check on this one for some Aussie humor. I tend to be very busy always and I want to spend some relaxing moments while reading a fun filled book. It was said that it The Darby Factor is the first book of its author but I think he successfully started a good career in writing funny story. I'll grab my copy soon!

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