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The Last Word

April 10, 2013
"The Last Word" portrays the enduring power of wordsMichael Green's novel "The Last Word" begins with the activities and relationships of a family living in a rural mining village and follows them into political intrigue in the city.The setting of the book is the mining community of Abbervale, home of the McCann family. Gordon McCann is the local leader of the Miners' Federation and heads a coal mining team that includes his eldest son, Bruce, a tough and ambitious character. Gordon's wife, Grace, is a wise and strong-minded mother. The younger son, William, initially a trainee accountant, remains an idealistic and decent character throughout the story. A daughter, Millie, is sickly and homebound. Abbervale suffers the six weeks national mining strike of 1949, the one historical incident in the book. A series of dramatic and tragic events changes the life of the family."The Last Word" (ISBN # 9781742843759) by Michael Green traces the two sons' paths into politics and their confrontation with organised crime and corruption. It focuses on the struggle between the two men and on the bonds between parents and siblings, especially the love between a mother, a son and his wife. The story highlights the failure of idealism, the futility of words and argument to reform a corrupt and cussed establishment. But it also points to the success of courageous and persevering action. As William says, "People are not fools. They know the difference between good and evil. They recognize who is working for them and who is working against them.""The Last Word" is a great story that will carry readers through hardships and triumphs faced by ordinary people.About the author:Michael Green took his inspiration for the book from his experience of speeches by preachers and politicians in their attempts to impress and persuade their listeners. Michael Green is a retired criminal lawyer, residing in Sydney with his wife and family. He has written two self-help books, "Fathers after Divorce" and "Shared Parenting". "The Last Word" is his first work of fiction.For more information, please visit is Australia's leading self-publisher and bookdistributor. Over 1,000 titles written by both Australian andinternational authors have been published by BookPal since2006. The company's headquarters are in Brisbane, Australiaand will expand to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, NZ andCanada over the next 6 months.###Author: Michael GreenMobile: 0419 407 289 
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