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The Twin Connection

April 16, 2013

The book "The Twin Connection" (ISBN # 9781742843728) by Lesley J. Mooney is all about hope and belief.

The setting of the story occurred around 1875 in Italy during that period of history which seemed to dampen the hearts of individuals.

Readers will be drawn into reading this novel about a young Postulant Nun named Josephine. After the evening service her destiny is changed forever, when she's indecently assaulted by a vagrant in the church grounds.

Badly traumatized, she had to leave the convent to live with a local old couple. It was there she gave birth to twin girls with a distinct connection. Unfortunately, Josphine was mentally affected by the assault, and died leaving the grieving children.

A few years later on, the twin sisters had to be separated to lead completely different lives. Alexie was taken to a strict religious couple, while Malia went to circus performers. The twins never saw each other for many years, but the emotional, physical bond was felt in times of happiness and drama. This affected them through unforeseen tragedies until they were unexpectedly re-united.

Though lives continued on, with marriage and children; romantic passages are revealed with tenderness and passion. Their destiny was ultimately changed by a keepsake from the past which brings forth so much more.

The unique connection between the twin sisters will surely delight the readers. Given the main message of the book which is to believe and hope, even though bonds are broken.

Depending on the readers' views, some might find the beginning of the story controversial.

About the author:

Lesley J. Mooney was born and educated at Catholic Boarding Colleges in Perth. She worked as a young child carer, an office clerk; and even as an inexperienced station cook. Now a widow at

the age of 80 years old, she has resided in Mackay since 1954 having a busy and full married life with five caring daughters living nearby.

Lesley J. Mooney wrote up to 500 poems during 2002-2005 with some of them published, and then she continued on writing to complete four novels in various genres, with ideas for more. Her inspiration for this novel of "The Twin Connection" was that deep family love truly lasts through trauma and despair.

Lesley J Mooney

Mackay East; Postal address P.O. Box 1172, Mackay.


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May 11, 2013

I'm sure this book will gonna capture the heart of everybody, particularly those who are family oriented people. In most cultures, not only twins have such connection with one another but also husband to wife, mother to children, siblings to siblings and even friends to friends. We were raised in a loving culture so this connection will always be present in our hearts. The story of this book is really heart-warming.

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